MGI are proud to say we are the lead UK ambassadors for the HYLINE brand.

Originally founded in Portugal, the now global company, operating in over 23 countries, fabricating and distributing the highest quality glazing products. With the brand winning many recognised awards around the world it has quickly emerged as one of the leading glazing suppliers around the globe. HYLINE projects have the characteristics of being highly sophisticated. All of them being robust, versatile, elegant projects, that transmit to the attentive eyes of excellence of their products.

HYLINE create many different systems, focusing on minimalism, including sliding doors, fixed glazing, pivot doors just to name a few. Each can be specially designed to your project. This prestigious brand offers excellent thermal and acoustic performances. Each systems was developed with sophistication and attention to detail in mind throughout.

HYLINE has created a wide range of systems, each designed with immense detail. They have different qualities to suit specific projects, large or small. Having the ability to create premium quality and stylish frame solutions.

Each system was created by a individual team of aluminium experts with years of experience. These professional designers have the best knowledge, which makes HYLINE projects a benchmark in the glazing industry.

HYLINE systems have a wide variety of features which makes the product a key figure within the market. Here are just a few of the characteristics each system can bring to your project.

The HYLINE systems available are:

large glass surfaces


Large glass surfaces, with capacity up to 6m in height, totalling up to 18m². It is possible to move up to 1000 kg of window with a simple touch.
integrated floor system


The HYLINE System allows different types of finishing’s for the rims of pavement. It is possible to use the same finishing throughout the whole area where it is inserted.
multi-point locking system


Option to lock with key on the wall. Invisible aluminium frame
electromagnetic lock


Possible integration of an electromagnetic lock for better security and control.
types of openings


Possibility of Monorail, Birail, trirail or unlimited. Corner opening and center opening.
automatic systems


Screens that can be electrically operated. High quality system without obligatory maintenance
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