Architects – The future is clear


You have the vision & design. Working closely with you, our own in-house design team can help and source the right glazing products and systems for the project. When we install them, it will be to the highest and specifications. Our experience and expertise in minimal glazing solutions are second to none, and our input and ideas are therefore highly valued by architects and designers.

All about balance

Balancing the aesthetic with the practical is what we want to achieve with every project. By getting involved at an early stage, we’ll support your ideas, bringing our engineering skills and market knowledge to the table. We’ll help you create a glass structure that will look stunning & EXCEEDING YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

As ambitious as your plans

We’re solutions-driven, ambitious, specialists in minimal glazing systems, committed to creating innovative and magnificent minimal glass interiors, pushing the boundaries and exploring new concepts.

You’ll find our service personal, professional, pro-active and supportive as we work with you to supply and install market-leading glass products and bring you and your client’s vision to life.

With excellent links and close relationships to a range of industry-leading suppliers, you’ll receive impartial product advice and benefit from our ability to negotiate and meet deadlines and other requirements to make the project a success.

The benefits to architects are clear.

  • Experts in installation of high end residential glazing projects
  • Full range of glazing innovations and solutions available including minimal sliding doors, glass folding doors, glass floors, glass roofs, glass balustrades, glass frameless conservatories
  • Often able to fast-track supply or meet other requirements of the project due to close relationships with a range of high-end product suppliers
  • Market leading, high quality products
  • In-house specialist design team available to work with you
  • Any shape, any size, no limits to what can be achieved in glass
  • Personal and pro-active, solutions-driven service

If you are an architect with a requirement for minimal glazing systems, architectural glass, or glass products, contact us now on 020 8669 6447

About MGI (UK)

While glass continues to become bigger and more prominent in architectural design, MGI UK has been at the forefront of high quality specialist architectural and structural glazing systems for 28 years.

Our in-house team of glaziers are skilled experts with a phenomenal combined experience of successful glazing installations behind them.

We also supply skilled glaziers to external glazing projects so get in touch if you have a skilled labour resourcing requirement.

We can offer design and planning support and advice, or work with you to bring your dream to fruition and often find solutions to challenging specifications.

Abreast of trends and new innovations, we deliver expertise and creativity combined with practical, safe, high standards of craftsmanship.

We only supply marketing leading, high quality products. Our knowledge of the market is second to none, so we can guide you on the best options for your project.

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